SHOE on Microsoft Access®

SWAT Lab, Lehigh University


A SHOE toolkit uses Microsoft Access® database system as its knowledge base. SHOE is a small extension to HTML which allows web page authors to annotate their web documents with machine-readable knowledge. SHOE makes real intelligent agent software on the web possible. For more information about SHOE, visit SHOE site.


Zhengxiang Pan


  1. Download and extract setup files for MS Access.
  2. Make JDK 1.3 ready.
  3. Install Microsoft Access 2000.
  4. Before you start using MS Access version of Shoe Tools, you need to create a database file in Access, like “c:\shoe.mdb”.
  5. Run the program using following command:
  6. Run MS Access version of Shoe Loader:  Java ShoeMsAccess.SHOELoader url dbpath
    e.g. Java ShoeMsAccess.SHOELoader c:\shoe.mdb

    Run MS Access version of Shoe Search:  Java ShoeMsAccess.SS_Frame dbpath
    e.g. Java ShoeMsAccess.SS_Frame c:\shoe.mdb


This software is provided under the terms of the GNU General Public License. See the license for details.